Best Slide Converter Known to Man
Fotovix Model TF 60WU

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Tamron is well known for quality lenses. The Tamron Fotovix is a devise that allows you to transfer your film negatives, positives, slides, and projected images to your dvd recorder, television and even to your computer. I've even used them to record antique positive images etched on glass. The Tamron Fotovix a professional piece of video equipment, not a scanner and it originally cost well over a thousand dollars. By feeding a video signal to your computer capture board you can control an image almost ad infinitum. If you are working on a project with old images you can either choose to use the processes negatives or available prints. The option is your's.

Depending upon your desktop space, you can either use the Fotovix upright, or supine.

The Fotovix has it all.

  • 4X motorized zoom
  • Color wheel or joystick control
  • Color preset button
  • Automatic gain control button (use sparingly for very dark images)
  • 1/2 CCD image sensor
  • Select an automatic or manual iris setting
  • Manual control of the slide position to add motion
  • RF signal for TV
  • Manual focus
  • NTSC video signal RCA output
  • Invert switch to change from negative to positive images
  • Beautiful built in backlight

    Most people do not know how to use the Fotovix with today's video equipment/computer, but here is what I do:

  • Feed the video (RCA) out signal to a distribution ampliphier (they are inexpensive and you can buy them at Radio Shack)
  • Feed a monitor with a signal from the switcher to check the color, brightness, contrast, and position of the images
  • Feed a capture board or device (I like the inexpensive Dazzle Digital Video Creator 150) with a video signal (I prefer the RCA rather than a S-Video connector - less noise)
  • Feed the Dazzle USB connector into a computer USB slot
  • Use any one of dozens of capture programs (I use Studio 9) to capture and save five seconds of still video
  • Open the still video into your editing program
  • If you need to print an image, most edit programs (like me Vegas Video) allow you to save a freeze frame as a .jpg or better
  • Edit what you need

    The Fotovix has more than enough controls for you to have many looks to choose from.
    1. You can turn the Iris Control to give you the correct setting for each individual image
    2. You can flip the Iris Switch for automatic or manual settings
    3. You can use the rocker button to zoom into and out of individual images (if you do this while capturing you have added extra movement to your images . . . a major plus)
    4. Use the Focus Ring to make your image sharp
    5. You can change from manual control to an auto color balance
    6. You can easily go back to a preset for color in case you mess things up
    7. You can switch back and forth from negative to positive giving you great control of your image from today and those of yesterday

    I'm making room in my studio and I have duplicates of some equipment. My loss, your gain. This is an excellent video tool, in great condition. They never wear out. This will provide excellent service for years and years.

    You may purchase one of my TAMRON Fotovix Slide to Video/Digital Converters for $150.00.